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Releasing Boundaries (Yoga Nidra Script)

Updated: May 3

We offer this Yoga Nidra script free of charge for you and your students enjoyment. Please keep in mind that we do not recommend guiding Yoga Nidra without proper training to safely and effectively bring people into the non-sleep deep relaxation states (NSDR) accessible through Yoga Nidra. To get the most out of this Yoga Nidra script and others, consider training with us through our easily accessible online self-study or live online or in-person training programs.

You should wait 15-30 minutes after a Yoga Nidra before driving, or performing any task that requires full, alert waking state motor skills.

Give yourself or your students ample time to come back to their body and the waking state before moving on with the day. On the other hand, this practice can also be a great way to prepare the body and mind for a good night's rest.

Releasing Boundaries

And NOW let us Rest and Remember.


You will need:

  1. A place to sit or lie comfortably

  2. A place free from unnecessary noise or distractions

  3. Yourself – unfettered by distractions

  4. A willingness to journey beyond the edges of the mind to the spaciousness beyond


Be sure that you are seated or lying comfortably. You may wish to cover yourself with a blanket, place some height under the knees and padding under the head.

As you receive these words into your eyes, take your time… wait until every cell of the body begins to respond to the frequency of the words. Close your eyes whenever you feel the pull inward. Remain in the silent spaces created by the words as long as you like. When the mind comes back in, open your eyes and continue. Allow the words to resonate in your body.

Releasing Breaths:

We’ll begin by taking three deep breaths.

Ready, let’s inhale together…pause at the top, hold…and let go…let it all out.

Breathe normally. (pause)

Second breath. Inhale. Pause momentarily, hold…let tension build…and breathe it all out.

Breathing normally. Feel the effect. (pause)

Third breath…holding even longer, but without strain.

When prompted release the breath slow and steady.

As you breathe, feel any last tensions and holdings carried out with each exhaling breath. (pause)

Allow sense of relief, comfort and safety to wash over you. (pause)

Give yourself permission to deeply rest. (pause)

Breath Observation:

Now bring your awareness to your breath.

Watch and observe the movement of the breath in..the breath out.

Perhaps the breath is deep…perhaps it is quiet.

Let the breath move without needing to manage or control it.

Release any effort to make anything happen. (pause)

Body Rotation:

Now as I name each body part, feel that area of the body filled with a renewed sense of vitality, energy and wellbeing.

  1. Head

  2. Face

  3. Neck

  4. Shoulders

  5. Arms

  6. Hands and fingers

  7. Torso

  8. Pelvis

  9. Legs

  10. Feet

  11. Soles of the feet

  12. Sense the whole body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.

Breathe and experience the entirety of the body simultaneously and equally…as if the whole body were breathing in, the whole body breathing out.

Every cell in the body breathing in. Every cell breathing out.

Releasing Boundaries:

Allow your attention to softly soak into places that are tight or tense or where there is constriction, density.

Let go of any resistance you may be feeling to any sensation. Simply allow it to be.

Make space for it to be as if to say, “It is okay that you are here.” “I’m willing to feel you.”

The warmth of the breath inviting tight, dense energies to soften and dissipate.

Dissolving the boundaries of density and watching its edges disappear…floating out with the breath.

Trusting it to let go in its own time. Breathing it out.

Perhaps noticing the beginnings of a subtle shift inside.

Resting Beyond the Mind:

Give yourself permission to enter the deepest state of meditation right now. Let go. (pause)

Allow the edges of the body to dissolve and disappear.

Open. Free of all past, all future.

(Rest here)

Affirmations: Let your whole body receive these words.

(Breathe, and let your whole body listen as you internally repeat):

  1. I am free and clear of all boundaries and barriers.

  2. I move from the boundaries of mind to the boundarylessness of being.

  3. I allow that which is going to go. I allow that which is coming to come.


Now, slowly, begin to deepen your inhalations and exhalations.

Allow your inhalations to be a bit more full, your exhalations a bit more complete.

Feel the body at rest. The mind in silence. The heart at peace.

Recognize at this time that you have made a major shift in perspective. This perspective will enable you to live in form while connected to the formless. The more often you return to this place the more you will be able live from it.

This concludes this experience. Remain here as long as you like, or when you are ready you may open your eyes.

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