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Our Roots

Our curriculum is modern continuation of traditional yogic teachings translated into practical applications, techniques and practices that are relevant and meaningful in today’s world.

Our Mission: We empower people to live in alignment with their fullest, most actualized expression through transformative, experiential education.


Lord Lakulish (Dadaji)

I AM Yoga® Methods are rooted in ancient yogic practices passed down from the Lakulish (Dadaji) Lineage, founded in Kayavarohan, India – one of the greatest historic centers of India’s Yoga practices.


Dadaji means “beloved grandfather.” The teachings of the lineage are based in, “Vasudevaya Kutumbakam” The whole world is one family.


Swami Kripalu (Bapuji)

These teachings were re-awakened and passed from Lakulish to Swami Kripalu. Lakulish  initiated Swami Kripalu into the mysteries of energy yoga (shaktipat). Lovingly known as Bapuji, he is recognized as one of the greatest realized Indian Saints of the 20th Century. Kripalu’s life is an amazing story of unwavering devotion marked by 30 years of sadhana, silence and meditation.

This mystical Lineage carries the secrets of energy (shaktipat) which allows one to instantly enter deep meditation outside the time-bound dimension of body and mind. For eons, certain yogis and sages of India have known the secret of shaktipat, which initiates profound self-healing and transformative processes from within.  This is the ancient technique from which Reiki, Tantra, Qigong and Pranic Healing systems have evolved. All I AM Methods are founded on this Yoga of Energy.


Yogi Amrit Desai (Amritji)

Yogi Amrit Desai (Amritji) was just 16 years old when he first met Bapuji and has followed his teachings ever since.  Although Amritji moved to the U.S. in 1960, the special bond of love they shared brought Kripalu to America in the mid-1970s. For over four years, Bapuji blessed thousands in the U.S. with his loving presence.

Based on an awakening experience initiated through Bapuji’s blessing,  Amritji discovered new insight into the true meaning of the 8 limbs of Yoga. His revolutionary approach shattered the popular notion of yoga as purely a physical discipline by integrating the inner meditative dimension of Yoga with the physical practice. Calling it Meditation in Motion, his teachings spread like wildfire, creating profound life changing shifts for thousands worldwide. In 1994 past mistakes came to light leading to his resignation as founder of Kripalu Center. After a three-year period of reflection and regrouping with his family, he eventually founded the Amrit Yoga Institute in 2002. He is now 89 years old and is one of the last living yogis from the 1960’s to popularize yoga in the West.

Kamini Desai, Ph.D.

In recognition of Kamini’s unwavering dedication and keen ability to communicate the ancient teachings of yoga, Amritji formally appointed Kamini and her brother Malay, as his successors to carry the Lakulish Lineage forward.

This close connection to the source means the teachings haven’t sustained the toll of time, gathering the dust of misinterpretation, and loss in translation. The core of the teachings are clear, aligned, and self-empowering. They lay out a map that not only makes sense of what you will receive here, but will put into context much of what you have learned in other places.

Kamini was not just born in a spiritual family. Her entire life was steeped in the teachings and company of spiritual community. At nightly gatherings she fell asleep on her mother’s lap to yogic teachings and chanting. By her teens was teaching and assisting in programs.

Kamini was deeply touched by Bapuji’s teachings as a Path of Love. She was directly connected to Bapuji from the age of 8 and was in his presence and teachings for more than 4 years when he stayed close to her family. Bapuji had a special connection with Kamini as a spiritual granddaughter. Doting on her, he even made the unprecedented move of taking time out of his sadhana schedule and breaking his silence to teach her to read and write Gujarati.

For the past 30 years Kamini has carried the teachings through I AM Education in her own unique way. It is through this platform that Kamini will carry the teachings she has been entrusted with forward into the future.

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