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*Prerequisites are Yoga Nidra I Yoga Nidra II

Yoga Nidra:
Kids Certification

Learn to Guide Meditation for Kids

The Yoga Nidra for Kids Training takes what you learned in the I AM Yoga Nidra™ training and applies the same principles and techniques to children. It is one of the only professional Yoga Nidra for Kids Certification trainings available in the country to date. The I AM Yoga Nidra™ for Kids Training will enable you to facilitate Yoga Nidra to children ages 5-teens, with suggestions on ways to use it with kids under 5. 

Develop Yoga Nidra for Kids protocols

Eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

The Yoga Nidra for Kids Certification addresses the high stress level, pressure and demands of children in the world today and how Yoga Nidra can help.


You will learn how it fosters their growth and development and gives them tools to help them navigate through the challenges in life at every age.


Whether you are a parent, teacher, counselor, therapist, child psychologist, caregiver or childcare provider, this training will enable you to give the greatest gift to the children…the gift of knowing they always have a way to help themselves.

This training deepens and enhances your understanding drawing on the scientific basis and modern applications of this healing practice for children. We will explore research and the benefits of Yoga Nidra in stages of child development. You will learn how Yoga Nidra techniques for children can help them relax, self-regulate and focus better so that they can concentrate and learn more effectively in school and be more calm and at ease in life.

young kid sleeping on a yoga mat..jpg

In this course you will gain an understanding of basic child development stages and best application of

Yoga Nidra for each stage.


Responsibly guide children into Yoga Nidra with a thorough understanding of the practice and gain a new appreciation and personal understanding of this ancient practice and it’s amazing applications for children.

Bring Mindfulness to Children

Offering a Way to Cope with the Challenges in Life.

What's Included?

  • Comprehensive Course Manual (digital)

  • Unique I AM Yoga Nidra™ for Kids card deck

  • Studies on Yoga Nidra and benefits for kids

  • General guidelines on how to bring and facilitate Yoga Nidra in schools

  • Graduate as a Certified Yoga Nidra for Kids facilitator

  • Individual coaching & mentoring

Yoga Class

Additional Resources

How Do Yoga Nidra Practices Benefit Depression and Anxiety?

For those who are often troubled with endless thoughts, anxiety, or depression it can be challenging to sit in peace and quiet. But because Yoga Nidra is guided with techniques that give the mind things to do, it gives a natural point of concentration to the mind. As the mind is focused, it becomes calm and the nervous system can begin to relax.

Experience Yoga Nidra for Kids

UNIQUE AND PERFECTI AM Education (Ages 10-14)
00:00 / 17:18

Live Training Schedule

  • What are the origins of this style of Yoga Therapy and what makes it unique?
    This training was developed by Kamini Desai and builds on techniques including Yogassage and Contact Yoga, developed by Ken Scott, Restorative Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy created by Michael Lee, The Wave Work created by Sandra Scherer. The latter two were inspired by the work and teachings of Yogi Amrit Desai, Kamini’s father. This training draws on all these modalities and uniquely combines them to serve the intention of the Integrative Amrit Method (IAM) of Yoga Therapy. This is not therapy, it is a practice of wholly integrating all aspects of the human experience as a part of our spiritual journey. This style of Yoga Therapy is less about symptoms and more about resolving the root cause of those symptoms. By resolving and freeing various accumulated tensions left lingering in the body for variety of reasons, we free the body to heal itself.
  • Is this course appropriate as an introduction to the practice?
    Yes. This is an excellent course for any beginner to learn theory, how to practice Yoga Therapy for yourself and how to get most out of your personal practice.
  • Why does the length of my course differ from others?
    Depending on location, content may be delivered in various formats including one 12 day segment (Yoga Therapy I and II together), 2 separate segments, (sometimes with Yoga Therapy I offered online), or over weekends. It can also be offered in an intensive format. However all curriculum and content is the same.
  • I have physical limitations, but would love to take this course. Is it for me?
    Yes! You can take this course regardless of physical limitations.
  • Can I give a Yoga Therapy session after completing Yoga Therapy I?
    Yoga Therapy I alone does not certify you as a yoga therapist, however it is the first step. Upon completion of BOTH Yoga Therapy I and II you will be certified to give Yoga Therapy sessions. In some cases, such as for Mental Health Professionals or those who already have counseling, yoga therapy or other qualifications, Yoga Therapy I alone can immediately provide a host of touch-free techniques to use with your clients without necessarily needing to go on to Yoga Therapy II.
  • If I have previous experience with Yoga Therapy, can I place out of this course?
    No. This course is foundational and crucial for your success in all other courses that follow. You will find that even if you have learned some of these techniques and concepts elsewhere, the teachings are put together, and combined in a unique way. Keep in mind that the hours completed in Yoga Therapy I, count towards the certification you receive in Yoga Therapy II.
  • Where do I get my manual and program materials?
    Program materials and other class resources are provided digitally through an online platform once you register. You have the option to have these materials printed on your own if you wish.
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